Useful Tips For Landscaping Along A Fence

Weed Whack Your Fence

Want to have a beautiful and well taken care of yard? If so, you’re going to have to do more than take care of the main areas. All backyards look much more inviting when all of the various spots in the yard are taken care of and keep looking neat. Nothing is worse than bare spots!

So, if you’re wanting to transform your backyard into the gorgeous yard you’ve always wanted, you’ll need to pay some extra attention to some areas that you may normally ignore – like the fence line. Many homeowners understand that a fence can add to your yard, but having a well maintained fence line with some landscaping can truly transform the entire area.

Throughout the rest of the article I’ve put together some ideas you can implement into your fence line that I’m positive will make your whole yard look a ton better.

How To Landscape Along A Fence

It’s important to ensure your fence line is clear of any brush, fallen sticks, or unwanted debris before you begin your landscaping. This also means that you need to clear the fence of any and all weeds and get down to bare dirt. We recommend you use a quality weed whacker to eliminate these unwanted plants. This website has put together a list of the bestselling weed whackers.

Weed Whack Your Fence

Don’t want to just plant decorative flowers or small bushes along your fence? No problem. Your fence line is actually a really good spot for you to put in narrow vegetable gardens that will produce edible food. It will greatly enhance the look of your fence while also transforming it into an extremely practical area.

Do you have an old wooden fence that have some parts that need covered up (this can include old and rotten sections)? Here’s a neat idea to do this. Plant some vines, like bougainvillea or trumpet vines, along the base of your fence. The vines will mature naturally to the color of your fencing and they do a fantastic job of softening the look of the wood. Plus, it’s much cheaper than getting new fence put in!

If you’ve decided to grow some highly decorative plants along your fence line, it’s generally a good idea to lay down some mulch for the plants to grow out of. This will make maintaining the plants much easier and it’s yet another simple way to make your fence and general yard look much more elegant.

Interested in planting some pretty flowers? Some of our favorites are blooming perennials like poppies. Other options include chives & lavender as they both work wonders for other styles of decorative fence borders. You can go down to local hardware stores, like Home Depot, and take a look at the selection of flowers they have that will grow well in your climate.

Another option you have that not many people think about is putting large, ornamental planting pots along the fence boarder. It’s very important that you put an equal amount of space between all of the pots to get the most out of the plants. Want to include more colors and variation? Put a range of various plants in a single pot!

How To Do Fence Landscaping

Lastly, one of our all time favorite ways to spruce up a fence line is to hang ornamental garden pieces on the fence or on top of the fence like tiki torches as accent pieces. However, it really doesn’t matter what you pick as long as it complements the rest of your yard. This is something you have a lot of options to pick from to truly make it your own!