We Offer Lawn Maintenance Contracts for Your Landscaping

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Keeping Up With Your Landscaping

TH Stone Landscape Services is a locally based and owned professional landscaping company that offer reliable, safe and professional services for tree removal on private, public or commercial properties.

For the average property owner or even someone running a landscaping business, knowing everything about tree care is not really expected, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some very simple ways to look for when signs that your trees are decaying or diseased. We provide delivery services to anyone in need of raw materials, we deliver anything from plants and trees to mulch, stone, lumber and top soil.

Keep things trimmed up with a pro you hire through our landscaping service, or choose the work you need done most with our general Lawn, Garden, or Yard Mowing Maintenance services. Our tree care & landscaping service can provide you with the professional care your lawn needs. Since most homeowners have smaller areas to cover, and usually have less intensive needs than a commercial property, the lawn service doesn’t have to expend the same level of resources or the labor to achieve the same quality of care.

Here at TH Stone Landscape Services we pride ourselves in not cutting corners, doing the job right, and making sure our many customers have plenty of great things to say about the landscaping services we provide for them. Our company offers a full array of both landscape design and installation and landscape maintenance services. Get the lawn you’ve always wanted with the expert design, landscaping, and maintenance services of.

In months in which both snow removal services and lawn maintenance services are provided, the service provider should make a reasonable allocation between the two services. When a service provider provides both taxable lawn maintenance services and nontaxable snow removal services for a single monthly fee, the service provider should make an allocation between the taxable and nontaxable amounts. Therefore, the seller may purchase any tangible personal property without tax for resale that it transfers to its customers with such landscaping and lawn maintenance services.

Some service providers provide lawn maintenance services in the summer months and snow removal services in the winter months. The sale of tangible personal property transferred with such landscaping and lawn maintenance services is also taxable. Services such as Lawn Mowing, garden care and maintenance and even rubbish removal.

TH Stone Landscape Services is gardening and landscaping business in the USA with services geared toward providing customers with gorgeous colorful and healthy lawns, gardens, and more. We have landscaping ideas for your backyard, including landscaping design, garden ideas, flowers, and garden design.

In addition to receiving a Certificate in Landscaping and natural beautification, we understand the steps necessary to complete a finished, professional design for your landscaping project. This includes areas like the front of your house, entry garden, outdoor living room, pool-scape, shrub border, island bed or container grouping.

Experience is the essential ingredient to turn all of your thoughts and ideas into the landscape you have always dreamed of. We offer a wide variety of lawn mowing & landscaping maintenance services, but specialize in custom landscape designs as well as 12 month maintenance programs and irrigation. We have the knowledge and man power to address any clients needs, from basic lawn maintenance to the most detailed and artistic landscape creations.