4 (Weekend) DIY Projects To Spruce Up Your Yard

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Create a Gardenscape That Feeds You

Home garden landscapes have become very popular over the last few decades, and they’re a great way to improve a yard’s form and function. If you want your garden to be a success, then you’ll probably want to test and alter the soil so that it has the best balance of nutrients. If you’ve never tended a garden you should start with a smaller plot and just a handful of herbs. But, once you’ve mastered the basics, you can move on to the more difficult plants like berries and root vegetables.

You Could Design a Personal Outdoor Lounge

Another DIY landscaping project could be just creating a small area to relax and socialize with your friends and family can be one of the best projects a homeowner can perform. All you really need is a few comfortable chairs, a place your guests can set drinks, and a focal point like a fire pit. Depending on obstacles like nearby trees and buildings, you might also need to consider adding some type of roof-cover to the area. Covering your outdoor lounge is going to make your guests more comfortable and increase the lifespan of any outdoor patio furniture.

Add Ambiance With an Outdoor Water Feature

Adding a water circulating pot, pond, or small stone waterfall to your yard is a great way to make your area feel more exotic. Although this type of DIY project can be more complicated, you should be able to finish it in only a few days once the proper materials and landscaping tools are obtained. Installing a feature that has running water instead vs standing water is a much nicer option. There will be no concern of mosquitoes and algae if the water is circulating through a filter or pump.

Finish by Planting a Few Hybrid Poplar Trees for FAST Growth

Lots of homeowners want to plant beautiful mature trees on their property, but purchasing them can be prohibitively expensive. However, the Hybrid Poplar is one of the fastest growing species of trees known, and in ideal conditions it can reach maturity in only a few years. This particular species of Poplar is also known to have a relatively small root system, which makes it perfect for residential properties with small yards. With this type of tree you won’t need to be concerned with roots damaging your home or one of your neighbor’s.